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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Greg at the UN, 1975 or '76

We spent some time at the United Nations building.  I bought a U.S. flag, a U.N. flag, and a flag of the U.S.S.R. in the gift shop.
In those days I also collected albums by the Soviet Army Chorus and Band on Angel Records.  Being a missile officer, while also studying Russian and Soviet history for my Humanities Master's Degree at Cal State Dominguez Hills, I might have come under suspicion.  Especially in today's super paranoid era.
As you can see, with Pat taking many of the pictures using my camera, I did not lack for photographs of myself in NYC.  In fact, I had to cheat a bit to actually get a picture of Pat Byrne.  I don't have any of Sandra from the visit.
I always wondered what happened with the two of them later when TWA went on strike for a period of time.  Sandra was in a plane crash at the Rome airport.  The plane broke apart upon landing, but fortunately no fire broke out.  However, as they extricated themselves from the wreckage, she said that while standing around, with herself and a few others with aviation fuel on the clothes, some of the more stunned passengers automatically started to light up cigarettes.  She told me over the phone that she and the rest of the crew had to yell at them to put their cigarettes out.  

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